This is the ONLY all ladies cross country snowmobile event in the lower 48 states. The course runs along a 75 mile well groomed/flagged trail with checkpoints. Sweep teams follow each division.


Meet @ Race Headquarters - TroutHunter Lodge. Event participants should pre-register by January 25, 2013. Participants should be at the TroutHunter Lodge by 10:00 am. Spectators can arrive at 10:30 - event begins at 11:00 am on Saturday the 26.


Classes (women must comply with these age requests):

*Junior Unlimited: 18 - 39 years of age

*Senior Limited and Unlimited: 40 years and older


Proceeds to benefit local Breast Cancer awarness and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Breast Cancer proceeds help fund free mammograms for women in need, women for whom early detection would not otherwise be possible.

Multiple Sclerosis funds will be used to help locals (without insurance) with MS pay for medicine used to help their flare ups. Also, to create awareness amongst the community as to what Multiple Sclerosis is and how it effects not only the individual with the disease...but for those who are caregivers to those with MS.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The Women's Rally 4 A Reason, is slated for Saturday, January 26, 2013.  This year's event will do a 50/50 split between Multiple Sclerosis and Breast Cancer Awareness.  TroutHunter Lodge will once again be our location.  A pre-registration will be held January 25, 7pm until 9pm at the TroutHunter.

This will be Bill Smith's last year as Race Director.  Kevin and I will also be retiring.  Please get your teams together and show everyone (especially Bill) a great day of support‼

Thanks to Island Park and all it's great volunteers for always making events such as this a HUGE success.......we are hoping that some outstanding individuals will step up to the plate and take over where we are leaving off.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mountainmayhem@fairpoint.net or call 208-558-7390.

God Bless......Tania

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jobee's Story

I know some of you wondering why I am bald. I have breast cancer. I was first diagnosis on the 2 of Sept. On my 46th birthday I had my first chemo cocktail and was told that the cancer had not traveled anywere else. I want all of my friends to know because this can happen to anyone. My cancer did not hurt. Early detection is key. So get your mammograms done or get your gown on as they would say to you men. This weekend I am headed to Island Park to participate in Rally4reason. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and hope to see some of you there.  (taken from Jobee's Facebook post - she gave me permission to share).

Thank You ~ Jobee‼  You are an incredible, beautiful, strong and brave woman.  We are SO glad you're spending the weekend with us in beautiful, Island Park.

Tattoo Artist Arriving‼

The Rally wants to welcome, Tyson Pedersen, of Phoenix, AZ ~ to Island Park‼  Tyson is an amazing young artist who will be at TroutHunter during the Rally.  His mother, JoBee Scott, is currently fighting breast cancer and will be our key speaker at the event.  Tyson has been featured in several tattoo publications, including:  Tattoo Magazine, Flash Magazine, International Tattoo Magazine, and Tattoo Energy Magazine.  He has some special breast cancer artwork to share and will be doing tattoos during the Rally.  Come on by and say "Hello"‼

Tyson Pedersen

Breast Cancer Ribbon with Footprints

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking for lodging this weekend?  Please give these businesses a "SHOUT-OUT"‼

Lakeside Lodge and Resort - 208-558-7147

Along the banks of the Henry's Fork River, the view from TroutHunter‼  Breath~Taking.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

This beautiful, custom wrapped Yamaha NYTRO (to reflect Breast Cancer Awareness) could be yours‼  Each participant in the Rally 4 Reason Cross Country race ~ will receive a free raffle ticket with their registration packet.  It will also make the rounds to the Co-Ed Rally (Saturday, February 5) and the Ol' Man's Rendezvous (Saturday, Feburary 25).  Each participant of those events, will also receive a free raffle ticket with their registration packet.  A very special "THANK YOU" to our anonymous snowmobile contributor, our sponsors and Toyskinz.com ~ for all their help creating this beautiful and amazing wrap‼ 

1000 tickets will be sold ~ 1 ticket for $20.00 or 6 tickets for $100.00.  To purchase your ticket, you may visit any of the listed sponsors:  TroutHunter, Mountain Mayhem, Pond's Lodge, The Pines, The Repair Shop, The Bank of Idaho, Island Park Services, Robins Roost or Island Park Lodge.  You may also call 208-558-7390 for more information.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ok....through my "not so expert" camera knowledge - I was able to zoom in on this long, lost creature. He wasn't too pleased with me, as I distracted him to ditch his AwEsOmE Yeti Sled - to pose for a photo‼ As he came runnin' - I snapped this pic, and ran the other direction‼ Gosh....I sure hope he isn't still mad at me and makes an appearance at the Women's Rally on January 21. I'm sure he will...why else was he wearing this nice pink scarf.....hmmmm.....????
Registration packets can be emailed.  Please, if you are interested - email me at mountinamayhem@fairpoint.net and title your request by typing "Rally Registration" in your subject box.  Thanks so much‼  Tania Phillips

Friday, December 23, 2011

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR WOMEN'S RALLY 4 A REASON (Article published by: The Island Park News)

ISLAND PARK – “Hope – Love – Cure” is this year’s All Women’s Rally 4 A Reason’s theme, says Tania Phillips of Mountain Mayhem in Last Chance, one of the event’s organizers. The cross-country snowmobile event is set for Saturday, January 21, 2012, with an 11 am start time.

This will be the event’s 28th Anniversary, making it the longest running all women’s snowmobile rally in the lower 48 states.

The start/finish area is on the banks of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River at The Trouthunter Lodge. The course winds through the scenic Targhee National Forest on trails groomed by the Fremont County Parks and Recreation Department’s snowmobile trailgrooming program.

The area’s most enthusiastic female snowmobile riders will participate, and the after-event party at the Trouthunter Lodge is sure to be a blast as well as a successful fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. Two age groups compete on three all-women teams: Juniors (ladies 18 to 39) and Ladies (40 and older).

Teams with a woman under age 40 must participate in the Junior class. There are two classes of sleds for the Ladies class: "limited," which are sleds that total 1800cc and under, and "unlimited," sleds that total 1801cc and up. Junior participants run all together, no limited or unlimited class. The Junior course is 75 miles long, and the Ladies course covers 50 miles. Registration fees have been lowered this year, from $175 to $150.

Making a special appearance this year, will be a new event "mascot." The mysterious and famous "Abominable Snowman" has been retrieved from the snowy, thick timber of the Targhee National Forest and has agreed to attend the Rally 4 A Reason, the Co-ed Rally (February 4) and the Ol’ Men’s Rendezvous (Feb. 25) this winter.

In addition to the Rally 4 A Reason’s popular silent auction and raffle, the rally will also hold a "Grand Raffle" of chances to win a 2010 Yamaha Nytro (anonymously donated) with custom graphics representing community support for breast cancer awareness. Tickets will be sold for $20 each or 6 for $100. The custom Nytro will be making many appearances throughout the Island Park area and will be at the Ol’ Men’s Rendezvous and the Co-ed Rally. The lucky winner will be drawn after the Ol' Man's Rendezvous on Saturday, February 25 2012. Participants in each snowmobile rally will receive a FREE raffle ticket in their registration packets.

“The snowmobile events committee is very excited and gracious to our Nytro contributor and sponsors for making this happen,” says Phillips.

Many volunteers are needed and event sponsors are still being solicited. Donations to the silent auction and raffle will also be appreciated. For more information and a registration packet, please contact Tania Phillips at 208-558-7390 or Bill Smith at 208-558-7015.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Raffle Suit - Giveaway

Tickets for this amazing suit are only $5 each‼ Ladies drop seat bibs, HMK Jacket and FLY Helmet are all in size large. FOX knit cap and gloves, and blingy skull cap. Over $600 value‼ Come up and buy some tickets‼


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 FLYER

We are so excited about our flyer for 2011‼ This will be the 27th year that an event consisting of all women, take to the trails. A lot of vigor and enthusiasm fuel these ladies, and we hope that we can make this event bigger than ever before‼

Remember, if you have questions or would like a race packet - feel free to call me (Tania) at 208-558-7390 or email me at mountainmayhem@fairpoint.net.

Also, listed on the flyer are our proud sponsors. We are so thankful for them‼ We are also blessed to have such dedicated volunteers. Many, many man hours and individuals put their heart into this event - and to them I say "THANK~YOU"‼

Hope to see many of you on Saturday, January 15‼

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 Slogan: Fighting & Riding Like A Girl‼

.....and they ride with pride....and they're on a mission‼ A mission to create awareness for Breast Cancer‼ Come on out and support a FABULOUS event with an even greater cause. If you're not a racer, then you can donate, volunteer or just cheer on these wonderful ladies‼ We hope to see YOU on Saturday, January 15‼ Get your pink on and FIGHT LIKE A GIRL‼‼

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coldwave Tickets Anyone?

At Mountain Mayhem in Last Chance, Vicki Brewer, left, and Maddy Phillips sell chances to win this pink snowmobile outfit. The drawing will take place at the Rally 4 A Reason Saturday, January 16 at Trouthunter Lodge in Last Chance. Tickets will be on sale at the rally, too! Support this raffle and you will support breast cancer awareness efforts in the caldera community!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Wave Rounds

Come and donate by getting your tix for the Cold Wave Gear to be given away on race day. The gear can be viewed all weekend @ Wild, Wild West Winterfest @ Mt. Mayhem during Saturday. Then, it will head that night to Island Park Lodge for Casino Night. It will finish its rounds @ at the Champagne Brunch @ TroutHunter on Sunday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Will 2010 Bring?

Looking back at last year's Women's Rally 4A Reason, it is amazing what a little mountain's group of ladies has accomplished. From humble beginnings and a heap of effort, a race changed its reason and changed lives in doing so.

Women Racers from all over the Northwest rallied together and "Grabbed a Handful" in an amazing race of speed, teamwork, and hope. 2010 brings a record number of entries and maybe with them, a record amount of hope.

What will this year's race bring for you? Will you race? Will you donate or volunteer? Will you cheer? Will you buy the winning raffle ticket or maybe even the winning TEAM?
Will you THINK PINK?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Logo for 2010

A new logo has been adopted for the 2010 Women's Rally 4A Reason, with the motto "Think Pink". Get ready to paint this mountain pink on Saturday, January 16th!

Thanks to Sponsors!

Thanks in advance to the sponsors of this year's event: Mountain Mayhem, TroutHunter, Angler's Lodge, Island Park Services, Three Rivers Ranch (Orvis) Last Chance General Store, Wilderness Day Spa, Island Park News, Island Park Lodge, Fuzzy Solutions, Island Park Sportsman's Club, Sportsman's Girl - and many more.

If you would like to become a sponsor, or to make a donation of any kind contact Tania Phillips @ (208)558-7390.

2010 COLDWAVE Gear for Raffle!

Wahoo! Beautiful ladies outfit up for raffle for this year's rally! Tickets are $5.00 each - and you don't have to be present to win. ALL proceeds from this outfit go directly to our local breast cancer awareness fund. The gear is currently at Mountain Mayhem, but will be making the rounds during the upcoming Wild West Winterfest weekend, happening January 8,9 & 10.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking Toward 2010

Hey All! Stay tuned for more racing fun as details become available for this season's Rally 4 A Reason.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rally 4 A Reason Schedules the MammoBus

ISLAND PARK — The All Women’s Rally 4 A Reason Committee, led by Tania Phillips of Mountain Mayhem, will host the Portneuf Medical Center’s MammoBus on Thursday and Friday, June 11 and 12.
  The bus contains state-of-the-art mammography equipment operated by highly qualified technicians. The committee will use money it raised at the January 2009 Rally 4 A Reason snowmobile event and from other sources to help as many women in Island Park as possible obtain a free or reduced cost mammogram.
  Interested women will make their appointments through the Island Park Medical Clinic, and the MammoBus will be parked at the clinic. Appointments will take place Thursday afternoon and evening and Friday morning and early Friday afternoon.

  A fun event is also planned while the bus is in town Stay tuned for details.
  Lakeside Lodge has generously donated accommodations for the Portneuf team.
  Excluding cancers of the skin, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for more than one in four cancers diagnosed in U.S. women. Around 200 Idaho women die of breast cancer every year. Nationally, one in eight women develops breast cancer every year and 33% of those die from it. Regular screenings for cancer are the best defense in battling the disease.
  Breast cancer incidences generally increase with age. Nationwide in 2000-04, 95% of new cases and 97% of breast cancer deaths occurred in women aged 40 and older, and the median age at the time of breast cancer diagnosis was 61 years.
  If you need a mammogram, please mark June 11 and 12 on your calendar and watch the Island Park News for the announcement of when the appointments will be scheduled — the appointment calendar will be open for one week either in late May or the first week of June. - Courtesy of Island Park News

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rally 4 A Reason Draws Crowd

Ten time rally winners, Ladies Limited Class, from left Kristi Wachs, Louise Smith, and Deb Schwahn.

ISLAND PARK  — Under blue skies and with excellent trail conditions, 48 women ran the All Women’s Rally 4 A Reason cross- country snowmobile event here Saturday. They were not alone. Around 300 people turned out to cheer them to the finish. Click for entire story, including top finishers from each class, courtesy of Island Park News.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thousands Raised, A Beautiful Race Day 2009

Many thanks to all of those who came out to participate making this year's race a one of a kind.

We are gathering photos of race day 2009 for the blog. If you would like to send some to be posted please email them to: rally4reason@gmail.com . Please include any information (names, etc.) so they may be properly shown.

Stayed tuned for all race results from Bill Smith and the tally of funds raised from Bank of Idaho.

Top photo shows a moment of silence observed by all in attendance in the spirit of Sylvia Volweiler.

Middle photo are Connie Funkhouser, Karen Alstott and Tania Phillips. Below is the Senior Unlimited pack @ the starting line getting out the jitters.

Top and middle photos courtesy of Elizabeth Laden.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mammy Slammy Author to Speak @ Rally!

Sharon Marler of the Women’s Health Awareness Team (WHAT’s) will speak at the all Women’s Rally 4 A Reason at the Trouthunter Lodge Saturday.

Sharon is one of 25 people chosen as 2008 Yoplait Champions, people who have made major contributions to breast cancer awareness in their communities. Click on this link to see Sharon on Yoplait's site:   http://www.yoplait.com/breastcancer_championsvideo.aspx?25
During the post-event party, Sharon will give a brief talk about what is being done for breast cancer in Fremont County. She will also present the rally organizers with items for the raffle that is raising money for breast cancer and the Island Park Ambulance.

As a 26-year breast cancer survivor, Sharon wanted to assist others fighting the disease. She put her thoughts on paper, and wrote a book titled, MammySlammy: Mammograms with Courage and Humor

Courtesy of Island Park News

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Smith, Race Director

Race Director, Bill Smith, seen here at Winterfest 2009 with the McFarlane Twins, Kirsten and Erin, says that this year's ladies race has the biggest roster of riders ever.

“Registrations are coming in every day,” Smith said. “We expect the biggest crowd ever. Besides ladies who have participated in the past, we have new riders from out of town and the Island Park community.”

Smith has been involved with the rally since its inception and has been Race Director for 14 of the 25 years. Thank you Bill for your service to this community!

Parts excerpted courtesy of the Island Park News.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Calling All Pink Ribbon Riders

The Pink Ribbon Riders, a Mid-West based not-for-profit Breast Cancer Assistance organization, has responded to an invitation to the 2009 Women's Rally 4A Reason with a resounding, "Rally on!"

Who are the Pink Ribbon Riders? They are snowmobile and motorsports enthusiasts who volunteer their time and effort to putting on events and to helping those in need.The Pink Ribbon Riders mission is to promote awareness of breast cancer in the motor sports industry for both men and women while raising funds for those in need. In combining these two goals for their organization they hope to bring people in the community closer as this disease not only affects those diagnosed but also those who love them. "Riding in honor, and in memory, of those we love".
For more information on the Pink Ribbon Riders organization click on their logo.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Double H Pink Truck Coming to Rally!!!

Double H Propane of Rexburg will be sporting the pink in Last Chance Idaho on January 17th. The truck has been seen all over eastern Idaho this year pumping fuel in support of the National Breast Cancer Association. Double H has pledged one penny from every gallon of gas sold toward the cause. Now they will be joining us on race day, so...
Pump Baby Pump!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Raffle 4 A Reason

Women's Rally 4 A Reason sponsors FXR, Western Mountain Sports, and Mountain Mayhem have donated a variety of beautiful riding gear to be raffled on the day of the race.
Pictured here with some of the gear is Tania Phillips of Mountain Mayhem who organized the contributions. Proceeds are to benefit Women's Breast Cancer Research and the Island Park Ambulance. Donated Items and raffle boxes are on display at Mountain Mayhem until the race, come check them out and put your name in for the drawing! Thanks to all sponsors for making this event possible.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Invited to Rally

Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin has been invited to rally with us on the 17th! Click photo for full article.

Photo and article courtesy of Island Park News.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Memory of Sylvia

Women's Rally 4 Reason is proud that this year's race will be in loving memory of Sylvia Vollweiler who participated in the ladies race for 18 years. Pictured here are Sylvia and her team members.
Women's Rally 4 A Reason has learned that Sylvia's daughter, Abby Todd, plans to race this year in her mom's honor and is currently putting together a team. Go ladies!
Photos courtesy of Island Park News and Dick Nelson.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008